Dragon Knight

(DragonLance: The New Adventures - Volume 7)

(Dragon Quartet - 3 of 4)

Dan Willis

Mirror Stone, May 2005, 244 pp.
ISBN: 0-7869-3735-1

Genre: Young Reader
Subgenre: Fantasy

World: DragonLance
Reviewed: 6/29/2005

Reviewed by: Conan Tigard

Book Cover


"What's going on?" Oddvar asked at the sight of Davyn, wild-eyed and out of breath.

"Your friends from town are here," he said. "We've got to get inside now."

Oddvar didn't need to be told twice. He'd already dug a fair-sized hold and Davyn could see a patch of inky blackness where the dwarf had broken through into the sewer drain below.

"Pull some of this dirt out," Oddvar demanded as he tried to cut the hole bigger with the edge of the shovel "Use your hands."

Davyn dropped on his knees and dug out as much as he could. In a few minutes the hole was big enough for Hector.

"Are you ready?" Rina's voice came from behind him. "They saw the fire. They're heading straight for us."

Oddvar directed Hector down into the hole, where the gnome's quick lamps became very handy. Once he was down and the light was in place, Davyn and Rina passed him all the gear they'd packed up while Oddvar carefully enlarged the hole.

"Your turn," Davyn said to Jirah once the gear was down.

Jirah slipped easily down the hole, followed by Rina, who had trouble getting her hips through.

"Hurry up, lad," Set-ai said. "They're almost here."

Davyn could hear people shouting in the distance. He tore at the ground with his hands, pulling out rocks and chunks of earth to enlarge the hole. Finally it was big enough for the rest of them. Mudd went down first, followed by Set-ai.

"You're next," Davyn told Oddvar.

The dwarf balked. "I'm not going back in there."

"If you want to stay here and take your chances with the angry mob, be my guest," Davyn said.

After a moment's hesitation, the dwarf dived, head first, into the hole. Davyn scrambled down after him just as the mob reached the remains of their camp.

"Move down the passage," Davyn hissed, bending over in the low tunnel. "We've got to keep them from seeing the light."

There was a mad rush as everyone hurried forward in the semidarkness. A shout behind them told Davyn that someone had found the hole.

Before he even had time to worry about it, however, there was a thunderous roar and a blast of air drove Davyn to his knees.

When he got up, the light from Hector's lamp revealed a wall of rock and debris behind him, blocking their way out.

Like so many who had come here before, Davyn and his friends were trapped.



After leaving Catriona and Sindri on the ship (see Dragon Day), Davyn has spent 6 months going from job to job, never lasting long at any of them. One night while asleep, a girl, Jirah, attacks him in his room. Finding out that she is Nearra's younger sister, Davyn agrees to travel back to Potter's Mill to talk with Shemnara, the old seeress, who may be able to tell them how to lift the curse on Jarah's family and how to rescue Nearra.

In Potter's Mill, they run into Mudd, who had helped them earlier, and Set-ai, the old warrior who taught the original party how to survive in the cold of the mountains (see The Dragon Well). Shemnara informs Davyn that Nearra can still be save, but they they will need to travel to the Viranesh Keep and meet with the Dragon Knight. She also inform them that they will need Oddvar, Maddoc's former dwarf servant who had chased Davyn and his friends all over Solamnia. He is the only one to have entered and escaped from Viranesh Keep. She also informs them that an archer will join their party somewhere along the way.

While picking up Oddvar, a dwarf that Davyn truly despises, they run across Rina, am Elvin archer, who has been hunting down the person that killed her brother. Set-ai tells Davyn that they could use the help of his old war buddy, Bloody Bob, a gnome inventor. But Bloody Bob is getting a little old for adventures, so his son, Hector, takes his place. Together, they travel up the Vingaard River and begin a quest for the Dragon Knight in a place only one person has ever escaped from alive. The question is . . . can he do it again?

Dragon Knight is the seventh book in DragonLance: The New Adventures series and is written by Dan Willis. It is a young adult fantasy story that takes place in the DragonLance universe and is intended for readers ages 10 and up. This story has the following main characters: Davyn - a human, male teenage ranger, Jirah - Nearra's 13-year old sister, Mudd - a human, boy from Potter's Mill, Set-ai - a human, male older fighter, Rina - a female, elf and Elidor's sister, Oddvar - a male, dwarf troublemaker, and Hector - a male, gnome inventor.



I have been waiting for this for a while . . . new main characters. I was very happy with this change and even happier that some of the new character were ones that we had met in previous books. When I first met Set-ai (see The Dragon Well), I had hoped that he would join the party, but he didn't. I am glad to see Dan Willis bring back this really cool character and make him one of the main characters in this story.

I also quite enjoyed Rina, the Elvin archer and especially Hector, the young gnome. The inventions he makes with his dad are really terrific. As for Jirah, she looks just like Nearra, but with black hair and is 13-years old. I look forward to learning more about her in the future. The twist in the story was actually having Oddvar work with Davyn, instead of against him. Having hated this dwarf in the past, this time you get to see him from a different perspective, and actually start to like him.

I really enjoyed the previous book in this series that focuses a lot on the Kendar, Sindri (see Dragon Day) because I thing Kendars are a very interesting race. But I didn't miss him at all  in this book because Dragon Knight is just as good as Dragon Day, if not better. Dragon Knight by Dan Willis has the classic quest theme that I love in a good fantasy novel. This book is probably the best one in the DragonLance: The New Adventures series. Pick up a copy today, you will love it!

I rated this book a 9½ out of 10.

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