The Far Side Gallery 4

Gary Larson

Andrews and McMeel, September 1993, 167 pp.

ISBN: 0-8362-1724-1

Genre: Comics
Subgenre: Comic Strip / Humor
Reviewed: 4/2/2011

Reviewed by: Conan Tigard

Book Cover

Comic Strip

The Far Side comic strip



The Far Side Gallery 4 is a collection of The Far Side comic strips. This book includes cartoons from Wildlife Preserves, Wiener Dog Art, and Unnatural Selections. A one-page forward appears at the beginning of the book written by actor and comedian Robin Williams. Most of the daily cartoons appear in black and white while some have been digitally colored. Some of the comics have been enlarged to take up and entire page while there are mostly four or three (one Sunday) comics on a page. 

The Far Side became very popular in the early 1980's, and continued into the 1990's, until Gary Larson decided that he was going to retire the comic strip. It was seen daily in hundred of newspapers and enjoyed by millions. The Far Side is just as the name imply...just on the far side of sane. Most of the strips feature humans, but not all. If an animal is the main character, then they are usually placed in the shoes of a human. Most of the Far Side strips deal with the stupid things humans do in every day things. Other strips deals with things that are just totally wacky. Either way, they make fun of us and everything we do. And since it is human nature to laugh at the misfortune of will probably find this comic strip to be very funny.



The Far Side Gallery 4 is a compilation of the three books that Gary Larson released of his newspaper comic strip. Like all of the smaller books before, this is a fun book to read and can save you a little cash if you did not buy the three smaller books.

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